President of UASG Announces Cabinet

President: Ahmed Thabet 

Vice President: Deana Alhaj

Assistant to president: Ghaleb Alwasim 

Secretary: Muna Shami 

Treasurer: Aala Alomri

Historian: Muna Mohamed 

Parliamentarian: Amany Alhashidi

Public relations: Jaaber Almalahi 

Media officer: Sabrin Ahmed 

Safety patrol commission: Safiatou Diallo 

Lost and found commission: Halaa Mohsen 

Student radio commission: Nasrin Alsoufi 

Talent show commission: Dunya Fatteh 

School beautification commission: Nawah Alsoufi 

Fundraising commission: Sukanah Dhalai 

Banner creation commission: Ameen ali 

Lunch commission: Nasaabah Almattar 

Sports commission:Halaa Mohsen 

Journalism commission:Farah Mohamed 

Chess club commission:Yasmin Muthanna 

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