HESSGA stands for Hamadeh Educational Services Student Government Association.

The purpose of HESSGA is to develop those qualities of citizenship necessary for the preservation of our democratic system by providing students both the responsibilities and privileges of participating in a republican form of democracy within the confines of the school. It shall allow students to voice their ideas in the planning of activities that affect the general welfare of our school and students. Members shall act as ambassadors to our community through service.

The privileges and responsibilities of the Student Government are delegated to it by the Principal of My HES Academy Public School through a designated mentor; therefore, the right to veto any STUDENT GOVERNMENT action rests with the Principal.

Parliamentary procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR 10th ed.) governs the STUDENT GOVERNMENT in all cases to which they are applicable. Only the designated mentor can suspend the use of parliamentary procedure. This suspension must be clearly announced and reflected in the secretary’s meeting minutes. The designated mentor will act as the chairperson and the presiding officer in meeting unless he/she delegates the task to the President.

Hamadeh Educational Services

is a premier provider of Pre-K through 12th-grade educational services, that supports tuition-free public school academies (also known as PSAs or charter schools) in offering an innovative, world-class education.

Home to students from more than two dozen countries, HES academies encourages students to tear down walls and build bridges, sharing and celebrating their diverse cultural backgrounds. Thus, students learn not to fear their differences, but to draw from one another’s strengths and maximize each student’s potential. In this safe and respectful environment, our dedicated educators lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, inspiring students to academic excellence while preparing them for their future roles as responsible citizens and community leaders.

Mission & Vision

To create an academic environment that promotes excellence and prepares students to be life-long learners and the leaders of tomorrow: this is the vision of Hamadeh Educational Services.

In support of this vision, HES embraces as its mission:

  • To build and manage nationally and internationally recognized Pre-K through 12th grade schools.
  • To celebrate diversity, welcoming students from all backgrounds and cultures and encouraging cross-cultural learning.
  • To employ professional, certified staff who are experienced, qualified, and committed to their students.
  • To offer courses based on the Michigan core curriculum and the study of various cultures, with a special focus on the Arabic language.
  • To operate state-of-the-art learning facilities that foster a safe, innovative, world-class educational experience.



Founded in 1998 by Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, a world-renowned education innovator and recipient of many local, state, national and international awards and recognitions, Hamadeh Educational Services Inc. (HES) has grown to become one of the nation’s premier full-service Pre-K through 12th grade educational services providers.

HES serves as the central administration for Star International Academy, Universal Academy, Universal Learning Academy, and Noor International Academy. HES provides a full range of backbone services so academy staff can focus on their primary mission – teaching students and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Here are just some of the services HES provides:

  • Program development and oversight
  • Staff recruitment and staff development
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • Maintenance of school facilities
  • The property, construction, and expansion management
  • Administrative functions, such as finance, accounting, and human resources
  • Compliance monitoring and government reporting
  • Legal guidance and policy development
  • Grant writing and grant management
  • Public relations and marketing


To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society, the citizens and leaders of tomorrow must be strong in body, mind, and character. Hamadeh Educational Services offers programs that focus on the whole child, with academic studies and extracurricular activities designed to instill discipline and character and inspire critical thinking.

With uncommon dedication, our certified educators go the extra distance to understand the individual needs of each student and ensure each one’s success. Following are some of the highlights of our programs.

  • Tuition-free academies
  • Grades Pre-K through 12
  • Full-day kindergarten and pre-kindergarten
  • Comprehensive special education services for students with special needs
  • College preparatory education based on the Michigan core curriculum
  • Advanced placement classes and dual college enrollment
  • Arabic language taught in grades PreK-12
  • French and global languages taught in grades 9-12
  • English as second language program (ESL)
  • Scholarship program for college-bound students
  • Optional single-gender classes in critical high school subjects
  • Technology and computer literacy, including wireless laptops for 6th graders
  • High school electives based on student’s career planning and interests
  • Leadership formation: National Honor Society, student government, student clubs
  • Well-rounded curriculum includes physical education, arts, and music
  • Competitive high school & middle school athletics: 20+ teams for girls and boys
  • Character-building discipline
  • Uniform and dress code policy
  • Free and reduced-price lunch program


Recognitions & Testimonials

Student performance and achievement are an educator’s greatest reward, and at Hamadeh Educational Services, our greatest pride lies in the fact that HES students outperform students in traditional schools on Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) tests in math and language arts, and 100% of HES graduates are accepted into college.
We are also honored by the recognition and awards that distinguish HES among its peers and underscore our commitment to excellence, including:

  • Michigan Charter School Administrator of the Year (2007): Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, HES founder and CEO
  • U.S. News & World Report Top American High Schools (2008): Star International Academy
  • Michigan School of Excellence Award finalist (2007): Star International Academy
  • Michigan Charter Teacher of the Year finalist (2007): Qazime Muftari (Pre-K)
  • Detroit Skillman Foundation’s “Good School” Award : Universal Academy
  • Title I Distinguished School of the Year (2010): Star International Academy
  • Oakland University Compliance Award (annually since award inception in 2007): Star International Academy and Universal Academy
  • Detroit News School Report Card: Universal Academy ranked among best 5 high schools in Detroit
  • Arab American Chamber of Commerce, Arab American Professional of the Year in the field of education (2010): Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, HES founder and CEO
  • Lebanese American Heritage Club Outstanding Leadership and Service in
  • Education Award (2010): Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, HES founder and CEO
  • Time magazine article, “Detroit’s Unlikely Saviors” featuring Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, HES founder, Superintendent, and CEO (2010)


[Mrs. Hamadeh is] a true 21st century educator, implementing education in ways that position all children for success as adults…She builds bridges, connecting students, educators, parents and communities. She is a role model with remarkable lessons to teach all of us in education, no matter who our students are or where our schools are located.

Mr. Dan Quisenberry, President, Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA)

When you do business planning, you look at market research, and it’s clear — we need Nawal Hamadeh and her schools. They are meeting a need other schools are just not addressing, and it would take too long to get them to change. Imagine trying to learn English in a traditional school… we’d lose a lot of these kids. Nawal is not losing them.

Erik Garr, Detroit native and Partner, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants


At Hamadeh Educational Services, we value our relationships with our students above all else, and we’re proud that those relationships continue long after graduation. Our alumni are simply the best, and their loyalty and generosity is unparalleled among public school alumni.

As vital members of the HES community, alumni support the HES mission and philosophy by serving as:

Role models. To our current students, alumni personify the value of an HES education, as 100% of our graduates are accepted into college and go on to successful careers as attorneys, educators, engineers, physicians, and more.

Goodwill ambassadors. As experts and leaders in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, HES alumni are the public face of an HES education.

Benefactors. Through their generous contributions of time, money, and other resources, our alumni help to provide the equipment and programs that keep HES academies on the leading edge of PreK-12 education.

Please contact HES to learn more about becoming an active member of the Alumni Association.