President of SIASG Announces Cabinet

1. Vice President 

   •Farah Kareem

2. Assistant to the President

   •Adam Samhat

3. Secretary

   •zahraa alshraa

4. Treasurer

   •Manar Alrubaye

5. Historian

  •Mohamed Alsheraa

6. Parliamentarian

  •Nour Dagher

7. Public Relations

   •Yasmina Taher

8. Media Officer

   •Mariam Natsh

9. Commissioners:

a. Safety Patrol Commission

   • Malak Aburahma

b. Lost and Found Commission

   •Meram Hashem

c. Student Radio Commission

   •Inshirah Khan

d. Talent Show Commission

   •Mohammed Aljibory

e. School Beautification Commission

   •Rihana Abdulrasul

f. Fundraising Commission

   •Sarah Abdlwahid

g. Banner Creation Commission

   •Maheela Shagera

h. Lunch Commission

   •Kenan Kaddour

i. Sports Commission

   •Ali Youssef

j. Journalism Commission

   •Jana Elzein

k. Chess Club Commission

   •Adyan Alrasul 

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