ULASG Election Results 2018-2019

President of Student Government: Anaam Z., 12A


ULA-Student Goverment list-President & Vice President 18-19

No. Position First Name Last Name
12 A President Abdul-Haqq W.
12 A Vice President Moniqa D.
11 A President Fatima A.
11 A Vice President Durgam A.
10 A President Sara A.
10 A Vice President Hawraa A.
10 B President Dunia A.
10 B Vice President Donya A.
9 A President Dana E.
9 A Vice President Alija C.
9 B President Sadia I.
9 B Vice President Zahra A.
8 A President Jafar A.
8 A Vice President Sharron D.
8 B President Aya S.
8 B Vice President Zaynab A.
7 A President Jana A.
7 A Vice President Maryam A.
7 B President Mohamad H.
7 B Vice President Ahmed A.
6 A President Zahid W.
6 A Vice President Abbas A.
6 B President Farah A.
6 B Vice President Noor A.

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