UASG Election Results 2018-2019

6A 9A
President Amal M. (10) President Muna M.(24)
VP Gadeer S.4) VP Ahmed T. (9)
6B 9B
President Mariam K.(6) President Sumayah D.(23)
VP Khaled A. (4) VP Abrar A.(1)
7A 10A
President Cathline A. (25) President Maha S. (19)
VP VP Sarah S. (7)
7B 10B
President Maram A. (15) President Afrah M. (15)
VP Sukanah D.(13) VP Wally A. (10)
8A 11A
President Amany A. (5) President Entisar A.(24)
VP Azhar A. (4) VP Ahmed A. (22)
8B 11B
President Zahara S. (13) President Sawsan A.(21)
VP Omar A. (6) VP Alchymaa S. (9)
Student Government President 2018-19       12A
President Sayaf M. (16)
Mamoon A. (160) VP Wafaa H./Zainab A.(3)
Tuhfa K. (136) 12B
Hamza O. (46) President Deyana T.(13)
Eman K. (30) VP Mamoon D.(9)

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  1. I am really happy that universal academy is doing programs that could inspire or in courage students to good or do there best


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