Meet Wugdan Alwasim, Candidate for President of UASG 2022-2023

  1. Grade:
  • 12B
  1. Career Goal:
  • I believe every individual has a certain event that influenced their decision to choose a certain profession. In my case, it was a personal experience with two of my older sisters that became my drive to pursue a radiology career. Prior to choosing radiology as my career path, I had my mind set on being in the fantasy world of a pharmacy major. Though I have not 100% given up on that possibility. My perspective completely changed after seeing the joy on both of my sisters’ faces when they learned they would be having baby girls only weeks apart. From that moment, I wanted to become the one who could deliver such precious news to expecting mothers and be part of such a beautiful moment.
  1. Previous experience in Student Government: 
  • I am very grateful to say that prior to this year, I was involved in student government in middle school and was class president in 9th and 11th grade.
  1. Extracurricular activities that the candidate was or is involved in:
  • Torturing (Community survive)
  • National Honors Society
  • Senior Committee
  1. What are your main goals if you become President?
  • As president, one of my primary goals is to ensure that my peers have the greatest high-school experience possible while also representing our school spirit and pride.
  1. Why should the students vote for you to represent them?
  • My primary objective is to be an effective representative. That means having a positive and honest discussion with the students at Universal Academy, in my opinion. I believe I won’t be able to provide what they require unless I first ask them. I don’t want to make assumptions about their needs. I’m hoping to find out what the student body requires. I want to know what they like about Universal Academy, as well as what they dislike about it, so that I can make it a better environment for them. Another of my goals at Universal Academy is to create a community for all of these students.
  1. A Video for 1 min with your campaign speech.
  • My name is Wugdan Alwasim, and if many of you don’t know already, I will be running for class of 2023 student body president this school year. If I am elected, I’ll be devoted to my position, along with all of you. I want to be a great leader who’ll help you create joyful memories. I’ll come up with new and creative activities along with the ones already planned while acknowledging everyone’s suggestions. My main goal is to ensure that we have the best possible school year experience. I understand what it takes to be successful, and with your vote, I’ll be able to show you. last year you had a male president, this year let me show you what a female president can do for you. Thank you for your support, and don’t forget to vote for me as your student body president 22-23! (Elections November 4)
  1. Optional: A poster that is square size designed by you to post on the school’s social media.
  • (Will be submitted separately)
  1. Your running mate’s Name and Grade (Vice President)
  1. Answer the following video interview:

Hello, my name is Wugdan alwasim, and I am a senior in 12B. Thank you for the opportunity to be a candidate. My reasoning for running would be because I’m determined and dedicated to everything I do. I believe that I have great leadership and social qualities. I would be amazing for this position. Anything I put my mind to I’m bound to accomplish. Every school needs someone to lend an ear, to hear out plans, ideas and I am going to do everything I can to make this school year a year to remember. 


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