Meet Adam Samhat, Candidate for President of SIASG 2022-2023

Grade 12

My goal in my career as student government president is to be the voice of the students. I plan to represent the students and ensure they are having a good balance of education and fun. School is a place to learn, but also a place to grow and form your personality and identity. 

I have been apart of student government for 4 years now. I have been the president of my class for all 4 of these years. I was assistant to the president last year and took over the role of president after the president graduated.

I am involved in NHS, I played basketball for Star International Academy. I currently hold over 300 hours of community service.

My main goals if I become president are

1. Ensure school is a place where student feel happy to go to. 

2. Ensure there is balance between education and fun. 

3. Allow students voices to be heard so that justice can be served. 

The students should vote for ADAM SAMHAT to represent them because I know every single one of them. I’ve grew and understand all the students. I understand their feelings and know how they feel about certain things. I can use that relatedness to be their voice and help to keep fun in school alive.

My running mates name and grade is…

Sayed Hani Reza

12th Grade


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