Meet Zeinab Bazzi, Candidate for SIASG President 2022-2023

  1. Grade: 12th
  • Career Goal: I hope to go to the University of Michigan-Dearborn and receive a bachelor’s degree in general biology. Then I would love to go to the University of Detroit Mercy and receive a doctorate degree in dentistry.
  • Previous experience in Student Government: In my junior year of high school, I applied for student government and got accepted as a member. This year, I applied again and hope to become president of the program.
  • Extracurricular activities that the candidate was or is involved in: During my freshman and sophomore years I wasn’t able to join any extracurriculars because of COVID-19. However, during my junior and senior years, I joined a couple of activities. In my junior year of high school, I applied for the National Honors Society and got accepted. Within the organization, I devoted myself to volunteering and helping my community. The NHS has taught me many lessons which would be beneficial to the student government. The organization has prepared me for moments like these, to show leadership and character. These characteristics would be great to have as the president of student government because our students want to look up to strong minded individuals. Another activity I joined during my junior/senior year of high school was the senior committee. The senior committee is where a group of students plan and set up all activities done in and outside of school. Senior committee is similar to the student government because they both need strong leaders to be able to make decisions on what our school will be doing. 
  • What are your main goals if you become President? If I were to become president I would want to give our students a chance to express their own opinions. I first would like to extend lunch times for elementary, middle and high school students. Extending these times would ensure students have the appropriate time to eat their meals. This will also improve our students’ focus since they’ll have more energy to keep them awake during class. Another goal I want to accomplish as president is to have more free dress days. At our school, we only have free dress on Fridays, spirit weeks, for a dollar or on count day, but I want to have two days out of the month where students can just wear free dress without any cost. As little as it may seem, some students can not afford to pay a dollar for free dress so having a day or two where they can just wear free dress could mean so much. One more thing I would like to accomplish is to have more field trips for our students. I believe that since most of our students work so hard and accomplish all their school, then they should be able to go on more field trips. We would have one field trip per month and only the students who are doing well in their classes and have great behavior would be able to go. Another thing I would like to bring back is our cooking/home class where students learn how to do real life activities like cooking and caring for a child. Many students enjoy learning more about this topic because they don’t know how to cook or to take care of another being. This is something that I look forward to bringing back.
  • Why should the students vote for you to represent them? Students should vote for me, Zeinab Bazzi, to represent their school and student government because I will take all their ideas into consideration, and be their voice. Many students at school are afraid to speak up about some topics because they fear they would be shut down or told to go away. I will ensure that each person’s voice is heard, and each student gets to share their opinion. I want each and every student at Star International Academy to share their ideas because everyone has a voice and it matters. Our students can also help give intake on how we can better our school as a whole. 

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