ULASG Visit to Central Student Government at UFM-AA and School of Music, Theater, and Dance 5-23-2022

Good Morning Dear ULA Student Government Members,

As you know, we are going on a Student Government field trip this Monday to the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, located at 530 South State St., in Ann Arbor.

You will be receiving passes to use on Monday to leave class at 9AM and gather in the cafeteria.

We will be leaving the school at about 9:00 AM, and starting our trip by meeting Central Student Government of UFM President at the Student Union at 10 AM.  We then will have a tour by the Student Government at 11 AM to 11:15. 

We then will walk to a pizza place for lunch at 11:30AM.  The cost of lunch is already included in your field trip fee, but feel free to bring in money if you want to buy anything extra.  Also feel free to bring snacks, drinks, or a bottle of water.  Just remember that no energy drinks are allowed.

At 12:15 we will be walking to the bus and leaving to visit the School of Music, Theater, and Dance who will give us a tour of their campus at 1PM to 2:30PM.  We will leave in the bus back to school at about 2:30PM getting back to school at about 3:15PM.

You will have a free dress day, and please dress appropriately for long walks.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Wissam Charafeddine
Family Engagement and Community Liaison

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