Memo for Those Running for Class President

Good Afternoon Dear Student Government Members and Candidates for Class Presidency.
You are receiving this email because you are running to represent your class as the Class President.  Runner Up will be Vice President of the Class.  If there is no runner up, meaning, if you are the only one running, then you will be automatically the President of the class with no elections needed within your class.  In that case, you will assign a Vice President from your class, after you invite them to join Student Government at
Elections will take place on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 via email.  
President and Vice President are members of the Legislative Assembly.  It is kind of like the Congress of the United States.  There, you propose “motions”, that if voted by the majority, become “resolutions”.  The Executive Committee of the Student Government is responsible about implementing those Resolutions if they need implementation.
You also represent your class, and try to understand your classmate’s issues, concerns, ideas, and voice them to the teachers and administrators in the school.  You can also arrange class activities with your teachers.  Teachers will depend on you as a leader in classroom.  You will also represent your classmates in the student government and the Student Advisory Council (SAC).
Now, for your elections, please complete this form:

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