Updates 11-6-19

Good Afternoon Dear HESSGA Members


We are waiting for the results of the SIASG elections before we announce results online for all the schools.


If you have applied to Student Government and do not know your position yet, you will be notified soon about it.


As you know, we are approaching our University of Michigan field trip next week.  If you receive this email, you generally qualify to go on this field trip.


For more information, visit: events.hessga.com


SIASG – 12/11/19

ULASG – 12/12/19

UASG – 12/13/19


More specifically, you can go there: https://sites.google.com/hessga.com/events/civic-engagement


There is a rubric attached to the permission slip. You can complete and fill the rubric yourself and submit with the permission slip. Make sure it is completed and signed.


You can get a copy of the permission slip from the Dean of Students, Student Government President, or online on the link above.


For calendar of Student Government, please visit https://hessga.com/calendar/


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you


Mr. Wissam Charafeddine

Family Engagement and Community Liaison

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