ULASG President State of Student Government Address 2019


Good morning ULA Student Government members and HES Support Center staff,

It is my honor to speak on behalf of my council this morning and advocate for the great accomplishments we had achieved thus far in the year. This year has been a monumental year for student government at ULA due to the collaboration, teamwork, dedication, time management, and leadership applied by all members of the council. We express our gratitude and appreciation for giving us this opportunity to gather, reflect, celebrate, and get more focused and determined on the next steps and future endeavors of student government.

We take pride in the fact that the 2018-19 Student council has initiated many Student Government led events and projects. We reflected on past experiences, learned from previous members, and were able to focus in on the priorities that serve the best interest of our student body and school as a whole. Furthermore, we take pride in the student leadership we exemplified this year and the positive voice we were able to project and spread across grade levels at ULA. I was honored to be elected President of Student Government this year, and I was fully committed to spreading the student’s voice and ensuring true leadership among the council this year. ULA has talent, and yes you heard the announcement right, we are bringing the Talent show back to the spotlight this year…Over 20 students have signed up within two days and the list is expanding. We are also excited to have a game night this spring open to ULA students and staff in an effort to bring the study body together, allow for enrichment opportunities, and improve school spirit and pride.

Student Government took full reign on these events from coming up with the ideas to enforcing them. Student Government has worked hard to provide students the opportunity to feel that they have a say in what goes on around the school. I have been asked questions like “How can I join this committee?” or “Can I be a part of this event?” and it makes me feel amazing. We, Student Government, created events that allow students to reach out and ask to be a part of what we’re doing. I feel as though we are truly making a difference and giving the students the voice, they felt they did not have or was not being heard. It really is inspiring and moving.

I am so grateful and proud to work with such hardworking individuals who also share the passion of leaving a mark in the school. I can rely on you to do the work and not have to follow up. We are a great team who will come to do amazing things. As a senior, I won’t be able to see and be a part of what is going on but I can trust that this group will continue to do great things.

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