Message from Tuhfa Kasem

I’m informing you all today on why I believe I’m a good presidential candidate. I’ve been a Universal Academy Student Government

member since sixth grade and have served as class President since seventh. Last year I had the pleasure as serving as both class President and Secretary. I got to work alongside the President last year and experienced first hand the hard work it takes to run the school.

I want this year to be the resurrection of the livelihood of student government and hope for it to be what it once was a while ago. I know that in the past years they’ve strived for it but I want this year to be the year we accomplish all the goals we will set together. I want to set motions in place that are to everyone’s satisfaction. By the time the year has ended I want everyone to hopefully look back and reflect on what a great year it has been. I personally want to leave my stamp on Universal Academy.

-Tuhfa Kasem

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