Student Government 2018-2019 elections Campaign Guidelines

  • Campaigning will start October 1, 2018 and seize on the morning of November 5, 2018 when the election happens.
  • The Dean of Students must approve all campaigning material in school.
  • Election material must be free of defamatory or discriminatory drawings, statements or connotations of any sort. All election publicity should also respect individual privacy and avoid specific or unrealistic promises.
  • All publicity work (making posters, etc.) must be done outside school hours, unless it is part of a class project or special permission is received from the teacher. Also, each member is allowed to have 20 flyers no larger than 11×17.
  • All candidates for Government and Class Presidencies are required to give a speech. Speeches should be less than 5 minutes in length and they should be approved by Dean of Students.
  • Nominees for Class Presidents will give their speeches during homeroom in the first 5 minutes on October 22, 2018.  Nominees for School SG President will give their speeches on the PA on October 29, 2018 or during lunch as the Administration will determine.
  • On Election Day, candidates must not solicit support.  Distributing promotional items that may have a commercial value to student electors is not permissible as it may be seen as an attempt to buy their votes. Candidates are wise to have any promotional material intended for distribution approved by the Dean of Students, rather than to risk being disqualified or having the material confiscated.
  • The Dean of Students can confiscate any election material that contravenes these rules.
  • Any candidate breaking these rules may be disqualified.

Candidates should remind the student electors that they should not base their choice on a candidate’s popularity, but should instead choose the person best suited for the job in view of his or her abilities and skills to full Student Government and School’s mission statement.

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