ULA State of Student Government Address by President Raeda Cherkaoui



The student government team in ULA has made great progress this year. Together we were able to come up with many great ideas to bring all the students in every grade together. There are several events we have planned to accommodate with the theme for each month. In the coming month of September, we hope to have a “Welcome Back to School” event to kick off the year. We hope we’ll be able to create more projects and committees to help encourage the students of school spirit and offer a more exciting learning environment. One successful committee our Media Officer (Fatima Ali) and Historian (Saja Noor) created was a school newspaper that we hope will develop and improve in the coming year and we are currently in the process of another project as a way to end the school year on a happy note. We can only hope for the best and see what the next school year will bring us. Thank You.

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