ULASG Reminder for Leadership Luncheon

This message is for Universal Learning Academy Student Government Members:


ULASG Badges have arrived and they have been distributed by Mr. Takkush, Dean of Students and Family Engagement Liaison at ULA. As a reminder, Student Government mailboxes for Executive Committee and Legislative are next to Dean’s Office (Mr. Takkush).

Field Trip

Permission slips for the leadership luncheon on December 8 have been shared previously, as well as instructions on how to Join REMIND for ULASG, where you will receive text message/email notices on the go.

Also, we have a leadership luncheon for ULASG this Friday. All of Student Government members are invited for this short field trip to HES Support Center. For more information and for the permission slip, click here: https://hessga.com/2017/11/20/ula-student-government-leadership-luncheon-12-1-17-1000-1230pm/

SAC Meeting

You had a Student Advisory meeting last Thursday during your lunch in the Library of Universal Learning Academy. All Presidents of classes 6-12 are required to attend this meeting during their lunch with Mr. Nader Hamadeh, the Director of Operations at Hamadeh Educational Services. Please show your badge to skip the line, pick up your lunch, and attend the meeting in the library. You will be discussing class issues with Mr. Hamadeh. Please ask your classmates if they have any concerns that they would like you to address.

Legislative Meeting

You will have your first Legislative Meeting of the year, which is usually the First Thursday of each month, on Thursday December 7, 2017 at Room TBD from 3:30PM to 5:00PM. To see all upcoming meetings, you can always check the student government calendar: https://hessga.com/calendar/

During legislative meetings, motions (proposals) will be presented to be discussed and voted on. Once they are approved, they become resolutionsthat the Executive Committee implements. Motions can be submitted in three ways, and they will be read first come first serve:

1. Filling a motion form online: https://hessga.com/motion/

2. Present a motion verbally during the meeting. More info: ROBERT RULES OF ORDER

3. Submit a written motion to the President.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your president at:


or to Chairman, Mr. Charafeddine: wcharafeddine@hesedu.com

Thank you

Mr. Wissam Charafeddine

ulasg remind.pdf

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