100 Personal Development Sources

Source: www.bachelorsdegreeonline.com/blog/2009/top-100-personal-development-blogs

Personal development can affect all aspects of your life, from controlling your negative thoughts to gaining the self-confidence to excel at work. If you’re in need of some inspiration to get you on the right road to improving yourself, the Internet is full of blogs that can offer guidance, advice, and support to aid you in your journey. We’ve brought together 100 here, in no particular order, to help you get started.

Must Read

These are some of the most popular personal development blogs out there, so make sure to add them to your bookmarks.

  1. Lifehack.orgCheck out this site to find tips, how-to’s and insightful articles to help you develop your inner strength, perform better at work, boost your productivity and much more.
  2. Zen HabitsBlogger Leo offers his insights into how to live more simply and purposefully in this blog.
  3. David Seah: This designer from New Hampshire and author blogs about productivity and empowering yourself.
  4. Dumb Little Man: Don’t be fooled by the name of this blog, the posts in it are hardly dumb. You’ll find advice on saving money, being productive and finding a happier you.
  5. 43 FoldersProductivity expert Merlin Mann from San Francisco, California gives advice on this blog on all kinds of things tat can help you get more done, from fighting procrastination to changing the way you use technology.
  6. Steve Pavlina.comThis well-known blogger has a site full of great articles to help you in your personal development. From making goals to helping yourself to achieve them, you’ll find advice and support every step of the way.
  7. LifeHackerWant to streamline your life? This site provides tips on using technology to save you time as well as some great general ideas for boosting productivity and living healthier.
  8. Cultivate GreatnessFollow the tips and advice in this blog to find more satisfaction and success in your life.
  9. Personal Development BlogGleb Reys chronicles his own personal development in this blog as well as providing tips to others who want to improve themselves.
  10. The Positivity BlogLearn to look on the bright side with this blog. You’ll also learn to improve your communication skills, fight procrastination, and more.
  11. Web Worker DailyWhether you work on the Web for your job or just want to learn how to use it more productively, this site is a great repository of articles.
  12. The Lazy Way to SuccessWhy do more when you can do less? This blog explains how to get more done in less time and leave yourself with time to do the things you really love.

Work Development

Learn to take control of your career and get things on the right track with a little help from these work-related sites.

  1. Slacker ManagerThis blog is all about helping you figure out ways to be more productive when you are working so you have more time for all the other important things in your life.
  2. Instigator BlogBlogger Benjamin Yoskovitz provides readers with tips and advice on being more successful in work and making more money on this blog.
  3. Ian’s Messy Desk: Here you’ll find some assistance in getting your work life organized, being productive and meeting your personal goals.
  4. Escape from Cubicle Nation: If you’re dreaming of a job that doesn’t involve spending 40 hours a week in a tiny cubicle, check out this blog. You’ll find helpful advice on getting motivated and getting that dream job (or at least one that doesn’t involve a cubicle.)
  5. Business Hackers: Check out this site to find small tips on saving money at work, getting more done and being more successful.
  6. Open Loops: Even if you have a fully booked schedule, this blog will help you find ways to squeeze in time for yourself with productivity and time management advice and is authored by Bert Webb from Greensboro, North Carolina.
  7. Trizoko: Whether you’re looking to build up your confidence as the owner of a start-up or just stop procrastinating on that big project you’ll find helpful advice here.
  8. Manager Tools: With tips on using technology, overcoming obstacles at work and boosting management skills, this blog is an essential read for managers looking to get ahead.
  9. All Things Workplace: Blogger Steve Roesler from New Jersey (and Florida) uses this blog as a platform for “teaching smart people practical ways to become extraordinary.”
  10. Managing with Aloha: If you love the Hawaiian way of life and think it has something to offer your workplace environment, check out this blog.
  11. Slow Leadership: This blog understands that big chances don’t come overnight. Posts focus on the slow and steady path to a better you at work.
  12. Dave CheongIf you’re in a need of some small tips to improve your work performance, check out this blog. You’ll learn how to stop procrastinating and get more done.
  13. The Cranking Widgets BlogHere you’ll find tips and tools for becoming a more productive person at work, but the advice is good for any situation where you need to get things accomplished.
  14. Sparkplug CEODon’t just be a CEO, be extraordinary at it with a little help from this blog.
  15. Pimp Your WorkThis blog is all about improving your work day efficiency and finding a good work-life balance.

Get Organized

It’s hard to get much accomplished when you’re living in clutter. These blogs are dedicated to helping you get organized.

  1. Organize ITFrom organizing your closet to living a simpler life, this blog can be a big help in getting your life more organized and under control.
  2. My Simpler LifeGet some tips on creating a “saner, simpler life” from this site, with tools like a clutter calendar and simplicity tips.
  3. Neat and Simple Living BlogHere you’ll find support on letting go of the clutter, organizing your home and getting more done.
  4. UncluttererFrom sorting out emails to create organized storage closets, this blog is full of tips and ideas to quit the clutter.
  5. Organised LifeWhen you’re organized, you’ll get more done as blogger David MacKay explains on this site.
  6. Orderly Manor: Even if your home doesn’t fall under manor status you can still get some valuable organization tips from blogger Patty McPherson here.
  7. Organized Home: Find tips on cleaning decluttering and organizing your home on this blog.
  8. Get Organized!This blog is home to tons of motivational and instructional posts to help you get on the track to total organization.
  9. The Clutter Diet Blog: Professional organizer Lorie Morrero provides tips, advice and loads of helpful articles on this organization blog.
  10. Organized With Style: Being organized doesn’t have to be boring. Learn how to do it with a style of your own with this site.
  11. Make Use OfOrganization isn’t just about your home. This site can provide lots of software and online tools to get your digital life tidy as well.
  12. Your Life. Organized: Organizing expert Monica Ricci provides helpful advice on organizing your home, office and more on her blog.

Financial Development

These blogs will help you get your finances in order and put your mind at ease.

  1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich:
  2. Wise BreadThis blog will help you learn to live within your means and save where it matters most.
  3. The Simple DollarHere you’ll find tips and tools to help you bring your financial life under control.
  4. Get Rich SlowlyFrom financial hacks to tools to help you calculate your finances, this site is a great place to find advice on building a solid personal finance plan.
  5. Frugal for LifeIf saving money is your goal, this site is full of tips and ideas on living simply and spending less.
  6. My Money Blog: This blogger shares their net worth, investment advice and tips on when to save and when to spend.
  7. BargaineeringIf you want to “engineer a richer life” check out this money-focused blog.
  8. PFBlog: Check out this network of personal finance blogs to get tons of ideas, advice and information on money management.
  9. Free Money Finance: Get tips on growing your net worth and managing your finances from this blog.
  10. The Frugal DuchessThis blogger is all about sharing her tips for saving you money on just about everything.
  11. A Penny Saved: Take your personal wealth building penny by penny with this blog.
  12. Consumerism CommentaryIf you’ve fallen into the trap over being too much of a consumer and not enough of a saver, check out this blog for advice on taxes, saving and budgeting.

Coaches and Consultants

Get some advice from these professionals in personal development.

  1. Matt’s Idea BlogMatthew Cornell, productivity consultant, writes in his blog about ways readers can get more work done, find time for personal interests and much more.
  2. Life Coaches BlogWritten by a group of life coaches, this blog is a great place to find ideas on better time management, getting more done and finding happiness.
  3. Your Life- InspiredLife coach Shannon Wilkinson offers her advice and support on building a happier, healthier life on this blog.
  4. Achieve IT!Brad Isaac aims to help readers set and meet their goals, with helpful posts on everything from being happy at work to creative productivity. Those with a background or Human Resource Management may also find this valuable.
  5. Passion Meets Purpose: This blogger and life coach provides tips and tools to help you learn to manage time, get more done and make the most of your work.
  6. Craig HarperCraig Harper is a motivational speaker and life coach, and he shares the same messages from his speeches in his blog to help you reach personal fulfillment.
  7. Make It Great!: Phil Gerbyshak is an author in both the online and printed spheres and offers his two cents on making life fun anywhere.
  8. Laura StackLaura Stack has dedicated her life to helping others be as productive as possible and you can benefit from her advice on her blog.
  9. The Daily Saint: Blogger and productivity guru Mike St. Pierre offers some great tips on this blog to help readers reach the ideal balance of work and personal time.
  10. Thinking Faster: Author Jeffery Phillips writes this blog dedicated to “ideas, tools and processes to improve personal, workgroup and enterprise productivity and innovation.”
  11. Empowerment 4 LifeHere you’ll find some great motivational posts to encourage you to live a better, happier life.


These blogs are all about helping you be happier and more satisfied with your life.

  1. Ririan ProjectThis site is chock-full of easy-to-read and fun articles all about productivity, health and living a better life.
  2. Pick the BrainWith posts on motivation and self-improvement, this blog can help you learn to do things like take criticism, manage your money and much more.
  3. Brian KimThis blogger believes success begins with yourself and offers tips on building up yourself to help you follow your dreams.
  4. Aim for Awesome! Here you’ll get back to the basics of personal development with a philosophy that focuses on smiles, smarts and success.
  5. Illuminated MindBilled as the “less boring side of personal development”, this blog is all about helping readers get happy and stay that way.
  6. Alex ShalmanBlogger Alex offers practical advice for readers to make real changes in their lives and start towards positive personal development.
  7. The Happiness Project: Looking for some ideas on how to be happier? This blog is all about, sharing thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.
  8. LifeDevLearn how to take care of yourself, your job, your relationships and your life with advice from this personal development blog.
  9. Life Optimizer: With posts that focus on increasing personal effectiveness, following your dreams and finding success, this blog is great source of inspiration and guidance.
  10. Change Your ThoughtsBlogger Steven Aitchison shares his thoughts on what it takes to find a fulfilling life through the posts on this blog. This resource may be of particular interest to students working on an online bachelor in Psychology.
  11. Life Reboot: Whether you want to change something little in your life or make a total overhaul, this blog offers loads of little tips to make the transition easier.
  12. Life 2.0Here you’ll find numerous inspirational posts that can help you on your path to self-realization.
  13. My Empty BucketThis blog wants readers to feel more fulfilled, happier and successful and offers a variety of tips and advice.
  14. Success Begins TodayWhile many of the tips on this blog focus on productivity, readers will find other posts that are all about finding happiness, overcoming problems and meeting goals.


Learn to get more done with your time from these blogs.

  1. Productivity 501Here Mark Shead offers some simple tips that can help you improve your productivity.
  2. The Four Hour Work Week BlogWhile not everyone can pare down their work week to just four hours, this blog is still a valuable read for anyone who wants to spend less time working and more time enjoying life.
  3. GTD WannabeThis blog is home to tons of tips and hacks designed to help you make easy work out of your daily work or household chores.
  4. To-DoneFrom tips on sleeping better to ideas on getting more done in a day, this blog is full of a variety of productivity tips.
  5. ProductivityGoalLearn how to manage time better, get organized and ultimately accomplish more in a day with this blog.
  6. LifeCleverHere you’ll find all kinds of productivity tips that can ensure that you save time doing everything from buying gas to looking for a paperclip on your desk.
  7. Productivity Cafe: Get some advice from productivity consultant Susan Sabo on this blog to help you be more productive on the job.
  8. Black Belt ProductivityThis blog is home to a variety of tips on better time management as well as posts that offer suggestions for tools that can help make this easier to do.
  9. Simple Productivity Blog: Pare down your day to the bare essentials and get more done with this time-management and organization focused blog.
  10. What’s the Next Action: Here you’ll find advice on following the GTD (Getting Things Done) method laid out by productivity guru David Allen.
  11. Steve OlsonWith posts on personal development as well as productivity, this blog is a great one-stop shop for all things life improvement.
  12. Effective Time ManagementBeing good at managing your time can make or break your productivity goals. Get some advice on making the most of every minute from this blog.


These blogs address a wide range of issues from improving at school to getting healthier.

  1. Academic Productivity: Those working in academic fields can benefit from these tips, geared especially towards the intellectual lifestyle.
  2. Parent HacksWho doesn’t want to be a better parent? This blog is full of valuable tips on dealing with a range of parenting issues.
  3. Success from the NestThis blogger balances work, family and everything else and shares tips on productivity and more here.
  4. One Big Health Nut: Get some insights on improving your health and feeling better physically and mentally from this blog.
  5. Scott H. YoungCheck out this blog to get insights into productivity, communication and studying from a college student.
  6. Goals Success: If you’re struggling to learn how to set meaningful goals for yourself then check out this blog, full of ideas.
  7. Patrick RhoneFrom organization to productivity, you’ll find advice on it all here.
  8. Eric Mack On-Line: Get some insight from the tech side of things on this blog written by Eric Mack.
  9. Marc and Angel Hack Life: This blogging couple shares their insight into happiness, life and love on their blog.
  10. GearFireGive this blog a try if you’re looking for some ideas on how to improve your academic success.
  11. Doug Belshaw: With posts on education, productivity and technology you’ll find loads of great advice here.
  12. Doc Ott’s Life Hack Blog: Here you’ll find simple tips and ideas that can help you be more productive throughout your day.

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