Letter from Chairman to New Presidents

Dear HESSGA Presidents


The Students have spoken!


They have placed their trust in you to represent them in the Student Government mission.


What is the Student Government mission?


It is to organize activities and represent the students to achieve the Academy’s mission, which is:


To provide students with quality education that focuses on the Michigan core curriculum and international cultures, including the study of a language, culture, and history different from one’s own.

The purpose and goal of the Student Government are to develop those qualities of citizenship necessary for the preservation of our democratic system by providing students both the responsibilities and privileges of participating in a republican form of democracy within the confines of the school. It shall allow students to voice their ideas in the planning of activities that affect the general welfare of our school and students. Members shall act as ambassadors to our community through service.


President is responsible for the operation and running of the student government within the academy. He/She will represent the SG while communicating with the Academy’s administration. The President will preside over all SG Executive and SG Legislative meetings. The qualifications of the President include the following:


1. Must be able to offer leadership to the SG.

2. Must be committed to fulfilling the SG objectives as stated in the Bylaws.

3. To effectively carry out directives from the chairman.

4. Maintain communication with the chairman regarding all activities done in the name of STUDENT GOVERNMENT.

5. Represent students at local, district, and state functions as requested.

6. Create any special committee that is needed or requested by the chairman.

7. Ensure the compliance of all officers with Student Government Code of Conduct and with their duties as detailed in the Student Government Constitution.

8. Must be able to motivate, delegate and prioritize to be effective and efficient.


What is next:


  1. Access your student government email. (you should have received the password to your personal email)
  2. Form your cabinet from the list of student government members provided to you by email.
  3. Send this list to Mr. Charafeddine by 11/8/2017.
  4. Prepare your winning speech for 30-60 seconds to be approved by Principal and recited over PA on Friday 11/10/2017.
  5. You will also be recorded by Mr. Charafeddine reciting it.
  6. Preside over your SG executive committee meetings weekly during lunch.
  7. Prepare for the next legislative meeting.
  8. Prepare for setting your three goals for this year.


I am proud to be your mentor, alongside the leadership of the Deans of Students and your Principal in school. Feel free to contact me at any time for support, assistance, or guidance.


Thank you


Mr. Wissam Charafeddine, Family Engagement & Community Liaison

Hamadeh Educational Services, Inc.

“Promoting Academic Excellence, Leadership & Cultural Diversity”

Email: wcharafeddine@hesedu.com

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