Ideas to Discuss for Student Government

Homelessness Awareness Overnight Event

Canned Food Drive

Plant a Tree

Student’s Choice Awards

Leadership development conferences for officers

Distinguished alumni dinner

City-wide talent show

Neighborhood Carnival

Shred-a-thon: Document and ‘e-waste’ recycling

Lemonade Stand Fundraiser at Sporting Events

Suggestion Box

Lunchtime Quiz Challenge

School history displays around campus

International Food Fair

Tutoring program for middle and elementary students

City council presentation

State capitol lobbying trip

Charity Fun-Walk / Run

Making memorial ribbons for city/national causes

Career Fair

Golf Tournament

Collect books for community library or non-profit

Penny / Change (Coin) Drives

Penny jar collection to vote for favorite teacher

Open Gym and Game Nights

Free throw contest / Field goal contest during halftime

Host a water station for a community marathon, bike race

Car Wash & Bake Sale

Invite police to speak about safety and present demonstrations

Graffiti removal

Trash clean-up day

Clean up Veteran’s Memorial

Attend City Council Meeting

Establish a College Scholarship

Student Awards Assembly

Install Solar Panels

Host a Blood Drive

After-Prom Party – Safe zone from midnight to 5 a.m.

Create a Hall of Fame – community, members, athletes, students

Parade Float

Host a Mobile Health Clinic

Lunch ‘n’ Learn – Free lunch workshops for students

Slam Poetry Night

Restructure Student Government

Revamp School Website

Rotating Time Capsules



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