Student Government is Invited to a Leadership Luncheon and Field Trip to HES Support Center

Under the auspices of Mrs. Hamadeh, Founder and President of HES and Superintendent of HES Academies, the Student Governments of ULA, UA, and SIA have been invited to a leadership luncheon at Central Office on Friday March 3, 10, and 17, 2017 consecutively from 1PM to 2PM.  After the luncheon and discussion with Mrs. Hamadeh from 1 to 1:40PM, the student government members will tour the Support Center visiting and meeting the highly educated and experienced leadership team in their offices briefly (1-2 minutes) to get to know the role each play in their education and in the schools, and solicit a short tip for success or word of advice.

Each school has 30 tickets that will be distributed by the President according to their given rubric. Permission slips are available with the President. Please return them to Dean of Students promptly.




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