HESSGA Presidential Committee Meets With Superintendent Over Lunch

The Hamadeh Educational Services Student Government Association Presidential Committee, made up of the President and Vice President of each of the Hamadeh High School Academies, met with Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, founder president and Superintendent of  Hamadeh Educational Services and Academies over lunch. 

The students were interested in the story of the founding of the school and the personal story of Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, as a renowned educator and a successful Arab American and Woman entrepreneur and community activist. 

Based on the productivity of the meeting and how much the students loved it, Mr. Charafeddine, the mentor of the Student Government Association arranged for Leadership Training luncheons for each Student Government executive and legislative committees at HES Support center in March. 

SIASG: March 17, 2017 1-2pm

UASG: March 10, 2017 1-2pm

ULASG: March 3, 2017 1-2pm

Permission slips are available with each President. 

Emails of presidents: 





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