ULASG Legislative Meeting Resolutions on 12/15/2016

2016.12.15.a:  Treasurer will submit $6 to pay for renewal of domain name HESSGA.com to Chairman.

2016.12.15.b:  the Student Government will purchase 10 chess sets (cost less than $100) and have them available for Chess Club during lunches, after school, and for tournaments.

2016.12.15.c: Release $30 to Mr. Charafeddine to buy mail boxes for Student Government.

2016.12.15.d: Purchase a gavel and customize it with the President’s name, HESSGA, school, and year, and gift it to the President during their graduation as a recognition of their service as a President of Student Government.

2016.12.15.e:  Add Section D to Article 8: Any member who accumulates three unexcused absences during an Academic year will be dismissed from Student Government. An absence is excused if a motion is placed by the absent member to excuse it,and evidence is provided explaining reasons for absence, and it is voted by majority.


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