UASG Legislative Meeting Results 12-7-2016

Resolution 2017.12.7.a

Treasurer Submit $6 to pay for renewal of domain name to Chairman.

Resolution 2017.12.7.b

Let domain name expire.

Resolution 2017.12.7.c

To purchase a gavel from here:
customize it with the President’s name, HESSGA, school, and year,
and gift it to the President during their garduation as a recognition of their service as a President of Student Government.

Resolution 2017.12.7.d

The Class President can have a little more power than the students. That way there will be more authority. They can write down names of kids who are constantly disrupting class and hand them to the Dean. If they get their name sent to the Dean three times, there will be consequence. Students will then know this is serious.

Resolution 2017.12.7.e

Approval of this amendment: Add Section D to Article 8: Any member who accumulates three unexcused absences during an Academic year will be dismissed from Student Government. An absence is excused if a motion is placed by the absent member to excuse it, explaining reasons for absence, and it is voted by majority.

Resolution 2017.12.7.f

SG finds a source to create a new sweater or uniform and request it to be part of the uniform policy. It will be a fundraiser for SG. Also creates a commision for this specific task lead by Sarah Nasher. This may include: Joggers, sweatpants, athletic wear for gym. Sold through the UASG school store.

Resolution 2017.12.7.g

Student Government shall help the Future Problem Solvers club raise about $300 in funds.

Resolution 2017.12.7.h

Request from school administration the possibility that if the sweater is Royal Blue then it should be able to be worn.


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