Results of Universal Academy Student Government Elections



6A President: Amany A.

6A Vice President: Azhar A.

6B President: Yasmeen A.

6B Vice President: Alaa A.

7A President: Alaa A.

7A Vice President: Muna M.

7B President: Lahm A.

7B Vice President: Sumaya D.

8A President: Yousif M.

8A Vice President: VACANT

9A President: Ahmed S.

9A Vice President: Ahmed A.

9B President: Gowaher A.

9B Vice President: VACANT

10A President: Hamza O.

10A Vice President: Eman K.

10B President: Tuhfa K.

10B Vice President: Dalia S.

11A President: Wafa A.

11A Vice President: VACANT

11B President: Saba D.

11B Vice President: Salha A.

12A President: VACANT

12A Vice President: VACANT

12B President: VACANT

12B Vice President: VACANT

President of Student Government

Ferdaws Abobaker


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