Results of ULASG Elections

President: Hawraa A. 12a

President will be forming the cabinet soon.

Class President/VP 7A
Marwa D 15
Aliya A 3


Class President/VP 7B
Mohammed A 9
Dana E 5


Class President/VP 7C
Alija C 4


Class President/VP 8A
Mariam A 13
Sara A 12


Class President/VP 8B
Jena F 21
Nour A 9


Class President/VP 9A
Zahraa C 14
Yousef H 13


Class President/VP 10A
Amira H 11
Raeda C 7


Class President/VP 11A
Zahraa A 10
Mahmoud B 6


Class President/VP 12A
Amen A 10
Jenna K 8



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